Transitioning to Storing Media Digitally

Music Magpie I grew up in the era of VCRs, though by the time I was a teenager DVDs were starting to become mainstream. Once DVDs became affordable, and Blu-Rays weren’t far behind, VHS became all but obsolete. And that was something I didn’t mind, because if there’s one thing you can say about a VHS, it’s that it takes up a lot of space! My mother boasts of her 500+ movie collection, but you should hear her complain about finding ways to store all of those movies. Currently she utilizes two glass-paned bookcases and one ceiling-high bookcase to keep her collection in, and she still has some small stacks sitting next to her entertainment center.

These days, while DVDs and Blu-Rays are both still very popular, and get a nod of approval from me for their smaller physical footprint, I’m still of the mindset that digital storage is more efficient. Currently we have a collection of DVDs that takes up two media storage boxes, and even that is too much for me. With flash USB drives and networked external hard drives, it just makes sense to convert or purchase digital copies of the movies and TV shows that we have on DVD. We’re a family of four in a small 3-bedroom house, so whenever there’s an opportunity to free up space, I grab it with both hands and don’t look back!

The only remaining question is…what should be done with all of the unneeded, unwanted DVDs and Blu-rays? I’m thinking that Music Magpie’s DVD Selling Services may be the perfect solution. Music Magpie allows you to sell DVDs, Blu-rays, as well as CDs and video games for cash. To find out what your collection is worth, simply enter the barcode of each item into Music Magpie’s database, and you’ll be presented with an instant offer. If you choose to sell your media through Music Magpie, they offer a free shipping service that can be utilized via UPS or USPS. Once they’ve received your package, they’ll then send you a check. Easy, right?

I think I’ve found my to-do for this coming weekend: go through all of our DVDs and Blu-Rays, and the kids’ DVDs, figure out what they’re worth via Music Magpie, and then pack them up and ship them off.

Learn more about Music Magpie at, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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